my place/your place


Philippa is currently involved in a new collaborative artists’ book project with Angie Butler of Pet Galerie Press. In January 2012 we were asked by Karen Kinoshita (University of Minnesota) to participate in the forthcoming exhibition, ‘Sense of Place in Artists’ Books’ to be held at the Architecture Library, University of Minnesota October – December 2012.

With this in mind, we began to e-mail each other our thoughts and ideas, trying to pinpoint shared interests, thinking how we could develop our ideas regarding the concept of ‘sense of place,’ and how to increase understanding towards, and empathy with our work through it’s publication. Through our online conversations, we realised that, although we had met a number of times, through our academic and artistic practice: we had never been to, or seen each other’s houses. We have no knowledge of where we both dwell, or of the surroundings in which we each inhabit daily.

We have decided to carry out some domestic archaeology. We will give each other an online ‘tour’ of our own houses in words and pictures, and make an accompanying artist’s book that focuses on an intimate selection of the tour.

We hope that by acknowledging the past, discussing the present and investing in the future we not only develop our own relationship, but aim to raise an awareness of how we are connected to the places where we live, and to understand the psychology that underpins our furnishings, decor and household adornments.

Join in the House Tour at:


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