onion merz poem #8

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jack Zipes on a number of projects, the most involved of which has been Irvine Peacock’s Merzbox – a series of responses to the Fairy Tales of Kurt Schwitters. The Onion Merz Poem #8 is by far the oddest of these, and Barrie felt that an incomprehensible snakebook made perfect sense. Or at least as much sense as anything else.

He would like to point out that he was in printing in The Caseroom today, and his fingers aren’t always that funny colour.

This is either an action shot showing the structure of the folds, or Barrie trying to remember how it goes together. We’re not saying that he’s having trouble with it, or making any mistakes during the folding, cutting and sticking part of the process… but the original edition of 30, is now 24. And counting.

Although on the plus side, he has invented a snakebook with a flap… Which is technically more of a lizard book with only the one leg.


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