dante in waiting…

The Typographic Dante show is up and a little bit of Purgatory and a lot of Hell await those brave enough to abandon all hope and enter the WPP Project Space in the Old Mining Building (Leeds University).

As well as the series of typographic prints, there’s a cabinet of delights with various reference materials and sources of inspiration as well as a genuine Remington Rand typewriter… what more could you ask for?

A wall of the Inferno

A wall of Purgatory

The talk went well in that no-one left, although one person did find it almost impossible to stay awake (a sin for which there must be a circle of Hell all to itself), and, Barrie did think that he was trending on Twitter for one giddy moment, until he realised that The Divine Comedy were playing a gig in London that night.

Barrie would also like to thank Chris Taylor for giving him the chance to show the work and Peter Morton and Rebecca Jones for all their help in hanging it and then re-hanging it when bits of it fell off the wall.


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