snap-pack (or something old, something new)

photo : Richard Bryant /

photo : Richard Bryant /

Something new first. Ken Cockburn‘s Snapdragon has had some nice reviews. See these links for details:

Not only is the book ‘full of surprises’ and ‘clever and compelling’, but Sally Evans’ Poetry Scotland Review says that ‘Snapdragon is one of the prettiest small books I have seen for a while. Cover designer Jantze Tullett has come up with a repeat and border pattern with related end-papers that truly welcome you to the book’ – in their ‘Recommendations for Librarians,’ the Scottish Poetry Library  says that ‘The Caseroom Press love designing books (book design nuts, see their blog and drool).’ So everyone’s happy. Great poetry, great translations, great cover and great design. The Goethe Institute London have also bought a copy of their very own. That’s them in the picture. That’s where their copy of the book lives.

Apart from all that, an old favourite has also had a new lease of life – FlatPack is part of the We Love Your Books special collection of altered & experimental books.  The collection is held at the University of Northampton – Avenue Campus Library. FlatPack was one of the first Caseroom Press books we ever published. It was the first one to win an award and, at one point, it was selling for £500 on Abe (True! We were so amazed we even took a screenshot). As I write this, there’s one for £96… we’ve still got a couple of copies we’ll part with for £90.




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