he’s writing… he’s writing…


Barrie is currently working on the manuscript for the book he’s been commissioned to write. A Modern Anthology of Typewriter Art – due to be published later in the year by Laurence King. He’s thinking it might need a snappier title.

The book is an overview of Typewriter Art from the late 1800s to the present day. The last anthology was Alan Riddell’s book, published by London Magazine Editions in 1975.

As you can see, he’s surrounded by research, but it’s OK. He’s got a yellow highlighter.


When he accepted the commission, he thought he had a pretty good idea of the work that was out there. He’s since found out that he knew nothing … and every time he thinks he’s found out as much as he can, he finds more.


The week before last, he spent a happy two days with designer John Dowling going through the long-list of images and managed to produce the short-list (that’s the pile of it above). Now he’s got to go through that all over again and whittle it down to about 200 pieces of work.



Of course, he’s not really writing it on a 1903 Oliver Standard Visible Typewriter. That woud be silly. The Oliver No. 3 doesn’t have a backspace so it’s impossible to make corrections on. He’s actually using this laptop.

Would you look at the state of that screen though.



One Response to “he’s writing… he’s writing…”

  1. Rebecca Rudall Says:

    Look forward to it being published. How about “Qwertyuiop” as a title with the rest as a subtitle

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