ribbons of delight…

ribbons and papers

As you may (or probably may not) know, Barrie grew up in East London, and not too far  from him were the delights of Ilford – home, he’s discovered, of  Mayfair Stationers.

And what a wonderful stationers they are too – they sell coloured typewriter ribbons and typewriter correction papers. oh yes.

Black and white ribbons, purple ribbons, blue ribbons, green papers, rose papers, blue papers, aero-papers…


Tipp-Ex back

Looking at the slight colourings of age on the packages, I’m guessing they’ve had them in stock for a while. So buy now if you’re going to buy.

black and white

Of course it would have made more sense to keep it to himself…

Thanks also to Hans and Veronica at baseline, who included A Poem to Philip Glass in their recommended books page.

baseline caption


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