greetings at bristol

05 printroom

Philippa recently spent two days at UWE, Bristol at an event organised by Angie Butler and Hazel Grainger. Entitled LENvention – it bought together nine practitioners who all have an interest in letterpress.

06 LEN cake

It was a well-orchestrated event with an opportunity to reflect, discuss and work with a group of diverse, but like-minded people.

03 lunch

02 planning

Part of the time was spent working in pairs to produce work based on the theme of greetings – these outcomes will eventually be turned into (very) short animations (to be blogged later).

04 first proof

Each team also produced a limited edition print run that will be distributed amongst all of the participants.

07 racks

08 salute

09 howdy

It was a delightful way to spend two days – many thanks to A and H for having the idea and for their hospitality. See you all at LENvention 2.


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