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Open House has had plenty of exposure on this blog already over the last year or so, and as we mentioned in March, the project has taken on a new direction. Over the past couple of months, the pair of books have been hosted in the homes of a select group of artists, writers and practitioners and have travelled as far as the US, Norway and Demark, as well as residences in the UK.

Each host is sent a hosting pack, which includes a set of letterpress postcards and snacks for their (very) private view! After hosting the books and producing a review, we ask that each host selects one word from the list of 12 themes (on which our books were based) and produce their own written and photographic response; these are then posted on a separate section of the blog.

We have already received a wonderful selection of reminiscences, and whilst the books still have a few more journeys to undertake, here is a small selection of the responses so far. For the full stories please click on the link below:


Lucy May SchofieldInheritance


Betty BrightSouvenir


Emma PowellTable setting


Tracy TomlinsonUtensil


Imi MaufeSouvenir


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