a song for an art school

barrie corridor

One of the (hidden) pleasures of Academia, is the joy and delights of the Exam Board. An event where you are joined by all your fellow academics and you sit and watch a series of student names, student numbers, course codes, module results and grades click past one after the other.

It was during the last one that Barrie noticed the delights of the Course Codes for the Undergraduate Board (UB). Graphic Design: GRAGRAUB, Illustration (ILLILLUB), Animation (ANIANIUB) and so on.


He was minded of the sound poems of Kurt Schwitters and those early 20th Century experiments into poems for declaiming and dancing.

The result is this – A Song For An Art School.

Barrie’s the first to admit that he’s no Kurt Schwitters – and no-one’s danced yet, but there was a wee child doing some declaiming with the help of their Dad. So that’s a start.

fin corridor


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