almost there… almost…

Typewriter Art_3D

It seems to have taken forever, but the Typewriter Art books are finally being distributed to discerning bookshops around the country. If not the world. And Amazon. Obviously.

Typewriter Art_Spread_1

Barrie still can’t quite believe it’s true. But every time he looks at it, it’s still there. So. If it feels like a book, and it looks like a book… it must be a book.

Typewriter Art_Spread_2

He had a huge wish-list of people and artworks to include – not all of which were possible; Some people were impossible to find, some of the work impossible to trace. But nearly all the artists he wanted to feature have some work in there.

Typewriter Art_Spread_3

During the research for the book he found out he knew far less than he thought he did about the subject and one of the great delights of it all was finding out about new works, contacting people he’d long admired and being constantly surprised by the range of work being produced.

Typewriter Art_Spread_4

He first put out a call for entries about 8 years or so ago. So a big thank you to all the people that have been so patient with him.

Typewriter Art_Spread_5

We’re quite chuffed that a few ex-Lincoln students have made an appearance too.

Typewriter Art_Spread_6

Along with some favourites from the Alan Riddell and Peter Finch books.

So. To all those who’ve been involved in it all – a really big thank you.


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