and there was cake.


Last week, Barrie was invited to attend the ‘Researcher Essentials’ event at the Cope Auditorium; School of the Arts, Loughborough University.

The Keynote address was by Andrew Hewish (Centre for Recent Drawing [C4RD]), with a supporting cast of Liza Thompson (Bloomsbury Publishing), Jane Tormey (Radical Aesthetics, Radical Art [RaRa]), Emma Brennan (Manchester University Press), Phil Sawdon (TRACEY, Drawing and Visualisation Research), Joanne Lee (Pam Flett Press), Simon Downs (The Poster [intellect publications]), Edward Dorrian (Five Years Press), Mo White (Zines) and Rachel Marsden (independent curator).

It was a very interesting day – and thank you to Emma Osbourn for the invite – a fantastic insight into the opportunities for academic and artistic publishing, both mainstream and independent, as well as a refreshing discussion about the REF and how one might, or might not, engage with it as a practitioner who’s output for research is the form of the book.

And there was cake.


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