live talking/live typing

From Q to M

Barrie has been offered his first ‘headline gig’ — at The St Bride Foundation in London’s Fleet Street. Not that he’s over excited, but he joins the company of such luminaries as Phil Baines, David Pearson, Rian Hughes, Jonathan Barnbrook, Seb Lester, Zoe Bather, Amelia Gregory, Neville Brody, Ken Garland, the Kapitza Sisters, Alan Kitching and many more.

No Pressure then.

Not only will he be talking about the book Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, but the extremely talented Keira Rathbone will be live typing on the night.

For those of you wishing to find out more about some of the artists in the book (and who wouldn’t), Natalie Zend has just launched The Robert Zend Website — Zend’s work is an absolute delight.


One Response to “live talking/live typing”

  1. typochondriacs Says:

    woo hoo! get you!

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