one side of the story

Derby 23.10.14

The Caseroom Press were invited to give a talk to graphic design students at the University of Derby last week.

Barrie gave a brief overview of who we are and what we do, then put (nearly) all our books out for a show and tell so that the students could see the variety of printing techniques, binding methods, formats and collaborations that we’ve undertaken over the last few years.

After lunch, he ran a brief workshop about making single sided/single sheet books — which prompted Stephanie Strange to ask why Barrie was only telling on side of the story — hence the name of the post. The answer is of course, that’s just about the only format of books he can make.

The event was a warm-up session for the students’ next brief, an Artists’ Book project based around the word ‘Obsessions’, which is presumably why he managed to squeeze in a talk about Typewriter Art too (thanks to Natasha Nuttall for the recent post about the St Bride talk, ‘From Q to M’, by the way). Check out Natasha’s blog here:

Remember. ‘Having an obsession, means never having to worry about what to do with your weekends’.




Thank you to Tracy Allanson-Smith for inviting us (and taking the photos).


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