start doing. stop undoing.


Barrie’s most recent books have all been digitally produced, with the attendant luxury of the endless undo. So in the spirit of the Start/Stop Manifesto, he went into The Caseroom today and started doing and stopped undoing – working with Letterpress – and all without the luxury of force-quitting or reverting to saved…

Art School Manifesto


His first piece was the Manifesto for an Art School. Already out of date with its omission of ‘Google’ and its insistence on ‘drawing’. But everything you need to know about how to be an Art Student. More or less.

qwerty g


qwerty b


Talking Qwerty.

I’m Waiting for a Sign




A second edition of the Semantic Noise that is the StopGo poster.

Your Defense is my Defence

Your Defense is my Defence. 

The trick is, of course, to keep doing.



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