In the Summer of 2011, we published a book of overheard and overlooked texts – these were all collected by Ken Cockburn and taken from formal signage, graffiti, newspaper headlines, children’s speech, aspiration and deflation…

Last summer, we set this as a project for the second year graphic design students here at Lincoln. They were asked to spend a month overlooking and overhearing the conversations that took place around them. Each of the students was asked to collect their twelve favourite texts, which were then sent to Ken to select and create the content for the book.


A few students found the project a little difficult – either they just went to their usual social media sites to draw their material from, of they were totally bemused by it. But those that engaged with the spirit of the project used their love of language and their interest in the world around them to pick out some gems of conversation and social etiquette.

The book has now been printed – the text matter has been produced digitally and the covers printed using the new Risograph – and the pages are waiting to be folded, bound and trimmed.  All the contributors will be getting a project as a welcome back gift in September.

The question is, what kind of bemusing project can Barrie come up with for them this summer?



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