the art of postering


Barrie has been busy doing, rather than not doing, and has managed to find the time to print a number of poster ideas he’s had in his head for a while.

The CONCRETE POETRY: constellation xi, letterpress printed in silver on black, or silver on white.


A traditional 4-4-2 formation of course.

They Really

A perfect gift for Mothers’ day.


The ‘typewritin’ poster is individually hand typed on an ADLER Universal. It’s part of a series of three posters; one for Wood Type, one for Metal and one for the typewriter.

Adventuree Ahead

Or adventure behind. Depending upon which way you’re going.

And a few revisited old favourites.




and a Manifesto for an Art School to finish off with. Which is Barrie’s third Manifesto – and counting.






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