in the blue notebook

Philippa and Tamar MacLellan – a regular contributor to the Caseroom catalogue, recently submitted a co-written essay to The Blue Notebook Journal Vol 12, No.2– (published by Impact Press).
The article examines the collaborative practice of Tamar MacLellan and Philippa Wood through three of their most recent artists’ book projects. Having taken the decision to undertake new ways of working, the aim is to share something of this journey drawing upon pivotal WordPress blog posts which enabled the sharing and exchanging of individual, intellectual and emotional responses within the development of each project.
A big thank you to Sarah Bodman for publishing it, and our thanks too to Angie Butler who proof-read the first draft and offered invaluable feedback.

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3 Responses to “in the blue notebook”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I would very much like to read this issue but, unfortunately the link given doesn’t work and the journal doesn’t appear anywhere on the UWE Bristol online store site.
    Any suggestions welcome.

  2. thecaseroompress Says:

    Hi Catherine – thanks for your comments, I have just tried the link and it seems to be working at this end, perhaps copy and paste it into your browser – I’ve repeated it here, this should then take you to the UWE store. regards Philippa

  3. Catherine Says:

    Hi Philippa, thanks for responding. The link takes me okay to the page describing the blue notebook but when I click on “click here to order online” I get “404 page not found”.

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