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Barrie Tullett and Philippa Wood are part of a collective called The Caseroom Press; an independent publisher whose work explores the function and format of the book, from single limited editions to multiple copies; from poetry to prose; from the artist’s book to traditional print; from stencils, to typewriters; from wood and metal type to litho to digital print processes.

Collaborating with illustrators, designers, painters, poets, sculptors, students and musicians their oeuvre covers Dante: The Divine Comedy; Kurt Schwitters: The Merzbox; Limited Editions; Artists’ Books; Paradise; Letterpress; Digital Print; The Allure of the Handmade: Five friends; Lists; Folding; Binding; Making; Philip Glass; Corrections; Delia; One-Offs; Poetry; Prose; Manifestos; Purgatory; Rubber Stamps; Languages; Education; Exhibitions; Book Fairs; Charity Shops; Shoes; Collaborations; The Toastamatic 5000; Magazines; Books; Fairy Tales; Tall Tales; French Folds; Stab Binding; Inferno; Typography; Domestic Life; Small Pleasures; … and did we mention the Typewriters?



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