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in the blue notebook

April 20, 2018

Philippa and Tamar MacLellan – a regular contributor to the Caseroom catalogue, recently submitted a co-written essay to The Blue Notebook Journal Vol 12, No.2– (published by Impact Press).
The article examines the collaborative practice of Tamar MacLellan and Philippa Wood through three of their most recent artists’ book projects. Having taken the decision to undertake new ways of working, the aim is to share something of this journey drawing upon pivotal WordPress blog posts which enabled the sharing and exchanging of individual, intellectual and emotional responses within the development of each project.
A big thank you to Sarah Bodman for publishing it, and our thanks too to Angie Butler who proof-read the first draft and offered invaluable feedback.


2016 artists’ books top 10

November 30, 2016

We received news this week that Philippa’s recent collaboration with Tamar MacLellan – Meeting in the Middle – has been selected for Sarah Bodman’s 2016 Top 10. The complete list appears as part of Sarah’s artists’ book series for a-n (the artists information company). We are told the order is based on the editor’s preference for mixing images – see link below.


big in russia

February 24, 2015


The Caseroom Press have been to Russia. Well, a couple of our books have.

We were included as part of the third project dedicated to Artists’ Books at the State Museum Reserve Tsaritsyno. An exhibition that ‘aims to demonstrate the unique and common features of the Artists’ Book, presenting work by artists from the UK and Russia, united by national artistic traditions.’

Mr. Cragg

As the catalogue says, the ‘British Artists’ Book is free of artificial gloss and full of restrained elegance.’

Mr Glass

Talking of international recognition, Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology has picked up some more reviews in Italy, France and Sweden – and as it says via Google Translate ‘It is aways a magic there, just at the moment when something crack.’

Can’t argue with that.

caseroom in pantone

September 6, 2014

pantone screen

Some months ago we were contacted by someone from the team of Barbara Guarducci – contributors of the new Pantone View website which is dedicated to colour created by Pantone. We were asked to submit work for an article entitled Indie Publishers – and here we are, it’s rather short and sweet, but we really appreciate the inclusion.

metro 2014…

April 22, 2014



photo 2

Well, will you look at that. We’re in The Metro. Circulation 1,352,699… 

Plus the one Barrie’ll be getting for the office wall. Obviously.

Thanks to Tasha for the photos and to Joanna, Hayley, Keira and Lewis for the heads-up.

photo 1


Barrie would like to point out that Flora Stacey’s Butterfly piece isn’t the first known example of Art-typing, but she was the first person to find fame as a Typewriter Artist, and eight pieces of her work were included as part of the Bar-Lock Typewriter Exhibition in the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

As you can imagine, he can get a little boring in the office.

text and image

October 8, 2013

pw cover BT article

The latest edition of the Artist’s Book Yearbook 2014–15 has just been published and we are happy to show off the Caseroom’s contribution. Barrie has written an article entitled The Typographic Dante, a subject close to his heart — which is an interesting and insightful read and written in true Tullett-style; whilst Philippa has produced one of the nine artist’s pages within the book. The piece entitled A Year with Angie is based on the emails sent between Philippa and artist Angie Butler as they undertook a long-distance collaborative project. Taken out of the context the email titles become a sequence of juxtaposed phrases that plot the creative journey.

phil page

The ABYB is edited by Sarah Bodman, art direction by Tom Sowden and published by Impact Press, UWE Bristol.

Thank you to both Tom and Sarah for inviting us to be apart of  this biennial publication.

more wonderful stuff

July 3, 2013

pic 2

Philippa’s on-going collaborative project with artist Elizabeth Willow which began over 12 months ago, makes an appearance in the July-August edition of BAN (Book Arts Newsletter), edited by Sarah Bodman and published by the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of West England. Read more about the project at the link below – p.30-31



April 4, 2013


The latest edition of The Blue Notebook features an article by Dr Emma Powell who explores the development of ‘we love your books’ – the collaborative partnership she founded with Melanie Bush. Philippa is one twelve book artists featured within Emma’s article.

The Blue Notebook is published by Impact Press, CFPR, UWE.


he’s writing… he’s writing…

February 14, 2013


Barrie is currently working on the manuscript for the book he’s been commissioned to write. A Modern Anthology of Typewriter Art – due to be published later in the year by Laurence King. He’s thinking it might need a snappier title.

The book is an overview of Typewriter Art from the late 1800s to the present day. The last anthology was Alan Riddell’s book, published by London Magazine Editions in 1975.

As you can see, he’s surrounded by research, but it’s OK. He’s got a yellow highlighter.


When he accepted the commission, he thought he had a pretty good idea of the work that was out there. He’s since found out that he knew nothing … and every time he thinks he’s found out as much as he can, he finds more.


The week before last, he spent a happy two days with designer John Dowling going through the long-list of images and managed to produce the short-list (that’s the pile of it above). Now he’s got to go through that all over again and whittle it down to about 200 pieces of work.



Of course, he’s not really writing it on a 1903 Oliver Standard Visible Typewriter. That woud be silly. The Oliver No. 3 doesn’t have a backspace so it’s impossible to make corrections on. He’s actually using this laptop.

Would you look at the state of that screen though.


noted and noto

December 2, 2012


Eye magazine have noted us this month, which is a delight. The Onion Merz Poem Number 8 caught the mood of the week as its typewritten bellyband coincided with the last ever British-made typewriter leaving the Brother factory in Wrexham.

Barrie would like to claim that this synergy was all to do with his ability to capture the mood of the moment… but he has to admit it wasn’t. Originally the snakebook was supposed to be slipped into a letterpressed envelope. Which Barrie bought, typeset and printed. At which point Philippa took one look at it and said ‘are you sure that envelope’s going to be big enough for those?’

And the answer was? No it wasn’t. So, in order to get the book ready in time for the Scottish Poetry Library Book Fair (By Leaves We Live), he invented a plan B and typed up some bellybands instead.

The rest as they say, is a happy accident.

The Ghost in the Fog made another appearance too, on the pages of the International Design Observatory. It has a walk on part in a Thesis exploring non-linear narratives.