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chatting and selling in london

November 14, 2018

table spf.jpg The Caseroom were happy to be able to attend the annual Small Publishers Fair at the Conway Hall in London at the weekend. Several new editions were on offer including a first outing for Philippa’s book about Enid Blyton Pinky Winky Doodle Doodle Dumm Dum and her recent collaboration with Tamar MacLellan  – a book called Recovered/Recorded. Barrie’s new edition of Gun Dog was also released. Thank you to everyone who was willing to engage in conversation about buried objects and completed questionnaires, and a big thank youto all the people who purchased our books.


the caseroom at conway

November 22, 2017

This is a belated blog post relating to the Caseroom’s recent attendance at the Small Publishers Fair in London. Held at the Conway Hall, the fair always attracts a good crowd, and we saw brisk sales across the two days, with purchases by not only private collectors but Winchester School of Art and UWE. Thank you to everyone who came and visited us.

books and friends and cake

April 5, 2017

BABE 2017.

So our favourite book fair that only occurs every two years has been and gone in a flash.

The weekend enabled us to meet up with a host of friends who were also showing work – ABPress, HG Makes, Semple Press, Corinne Welch, Elizabeth Willow, Imi Maufe, Andrew Morrison and many more. Highlights included Passport Control organised by Stephen Fowler (and his assistant niece), the wonderful trolley dolly/grumpy tea lady and her cake-laden tea trolley, the various workshops, and of course, having the opportunity to talk to lots of lovely visitors about our work. Thank you to Sarah and Tom for excellent organisation and roll on 2019!


back to where he once belonged

March 6, 2016


Barrie was back up in Edinburgh last week – he was talking about Typewriter Art and then ran a single sided book workshop at the Edinburgh College of Art…


After which, ably attended by Ken Cockburn Alison Bowden and Alan Mason, The Caseroom Press were ‘on table’ at the Fruitmarket Gallery for their annual Artists’ Book Fair.


As you can see, they were the first to arrive, and yet still, somehow, the last to finish setting up.


They obviously spent too much time thinking and not enough time doing.

Barrie also spoke about ‘The Most Ambitious Book We’ve Never Published’; The Utopian Tales. Which inches closer to actually becoming a book. He’s currently waiting on a few of the illustrators to send him their updated biographies.


The Utopian Tales had taken a very long time to come to fruition, and Barrie is finally hoping that he can see the edge of the forest.

to thine own self be true

November 9, 2015


The Caseroom Press were at the Small Publishers Book Fair at Conway Hall on Friday and Saturday. We had a number of new books on display, plus posters and postcards, with Barrie giving a talk about Utopian Tales, ‘the most ambitious collaboration we’ve never published’, (although he’s hoping to change that quite soon).


We caught up with old friends, met some new folk and are very pleased to announce that our books were bought for a number of collections including the Poetry Library, UWE, the Slade, the V&A and The Tate.


One of the people we met worked for the University of Brighton on the Books Arts course, and it would appear that they were so impressed that they wrote this very succinct appreciation of us:

As if all that excitement wasn’t enough, a piece that Barrie wrote for COLDFRONTSingular Vispo :: First Encounters – about his introduction into Visual Poetry, and the piece of work that changed the way he saw language (HN Werkman’s The Next Call) has just gone live. The forty responses will be rolled out in groups of five each over the coming weeks. Along with Barrie’s thoughts are Brian Reed on Mary Ellen Solt, Louis Bury on bpNichol, Aram Saroyan on Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Orchid Tierney on Alison Knowles & James Tenney…

And just to top it all off, long time Caseroom Press collaborator Ken Cockburn’s translation of Suche, by Christine Marendon is in The Guardian today. Ken’s translation received a commendation in the recently announced results of the 2015 Stephen Spender prize.

thinking, tinkering, tweaking

October 28, 2015


As always, a little bit of looking and a little bit of thinking goes a long way – so Barrie has reworked his constellation pieces with a little more finesse.


He also moved the idea on a little to create the Typewriter (all star) XI…

Typewriter XI

All this, plus Philippa and Barrie’s latest books will be on display at the Small Publishers Fair (Friday 6th/Saturday 7th November), where Barrie is also talking about his most ambitious, unpublished, collaboration: Utopian Tales.

there and back – 360 miles

April 13, 2015


This weekend we attended BABE – the Bristol Artists Book Event at the Arnolfini, which is brilliantly organised by Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden from UWE. Exhibitors spanned two floors and there were workshops, performances and readings throughout the two day event – plus regular supplies of tea and cake from the wonderful Snoozie.





the fruits of our labours

February 23, 2015

the table

After a very long journey which included a delightful one hour stop-over in Newark, Barrie finally made it up to Edinburgh to join Alison Bowden and Ken Cockburn at the Fruitmarket Book Fair.

With a table laden with delights, including Philippa’s new book There Is No Time and Barrie’s books, Perec and A Song for the Arts, they had a wonderful weekend of discussions, conversations, good company and even some sales. Philippa, as always led the way, with Jantze’s ‘jewel-like’ concertina books a close second.

The Start Stop Manifesto was a popular visitor attraction, as was The Good Man, which was read by many a happy browser

Barrie’s talk about Typewriter Art (he is peerless in his knowledge of the subject – it says so on the Fruitmarket Gallery website) must have gone well, as the book moved up to number 48 in the top 100 Graphic Design Books on Amazon afterwards.

Barrie talking (and pointing).


Here he is in full flow. Notice that he’s working without his notes or his glasses. This means that either he a) forgot his notes, b) forgot his glasses, or c) he really is a Typewriter Art expert.



Showing Perec to Hazel Grainger from UWE (That’s David Faithfull on the stand next door)…

the first arrivals

in the tradition of book fairs…

February 20, 2015

New Books

… Philippa and Barrie have been making last minute books for Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery Book Fair tomorrow.


The books include Philippa’s beautiful Letterpressed There Is No Time.

A Song for the Arts

Barrie’s sequel to A Song for an Art School – the aptly named – A Song for the Arts, which celebrates the courses in the new School of Architecture & Design.


Perec 2

And finally Perec. Which is really, a big book about nothing.

Barrie is also talking Typewriter Art on the Saturday afternoon. So if you want to find out why you can’t tweet on a British Typewriter, come along to the Book Fair.


the caseroom at small publishers fair

November 19, 2014


The Caseroom were happy to be part of the Small Publishers’ Fair at the Conway Hall in London at the weekend.


An early train from Lincoln got us to the venue in time to set up for the 11:00am start on the Friday.

Start Stop

The Start Stop Manifesto looked particularly splendid – a Letterpress print by Angie Butler and Philippa – which was by far our most popular item of the weekend.


It was nice to see some of our alumni who popped along to say hello, plus catch up with lots of other people who came to visit (and sometimes even make a purchase!). Along with the Manifesto, the best sellers of the weekend were Barrie’s Typewriter Art book, and Philippa and Angie’s letterpress ephemera.

Barrie was also one of 11 speakers at the Saturday Readings with his talk about The Typewriter and The Book.

For an overview of the whole event, check out Natasha Nuttall’s blog post here: