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poem of the day

May 28, 2018

Not that we’re out of the loop – but we’ve just found out we were yesterday’s poem of the day on the National Poetry Library website:

The image is taken from Brenda Dermody‘s folder of ‘remixes’ of Barrie’s original typographic illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy. These were created especially for the exhibition at the National Print Museum in Dublin.

The full set of four prints can be seen here:


Voyage Boxed bagged

April 14, 2016

sngma copy


Good news this week as Voyage Boxed, which has featured regularly on this blog, was purchased by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. This is quite a coup for all involved but congratulations to Imi and Rona who initiated and curated the project. It’s great to be part of such a successful collaboration.

to thine own self be true

November 9, 2015


The Caseroom Press were at the Small Publishers Book Fair at Conway Hall on Friday and Saturday. We had a number of new books on display, plus posters and postcards, with Barrie giving a talk about Utopian Tales, ‘the most ambitious collaboration we’ve never published’, (although he’s hoping to change that quite soon).


We caught up with old friends, met some new folk and are very pleased to announce that our books were bought for a number of collections including the Poetry Library, UWE, the Slade, the V&A and The Tate.


One of the people we met worked for the University of Brighton on the Books Arts course, and it would appear that they were so impressed that they wrote this very succinct appreciation of us:

As if all that excitement wasn’t enough, a piece that Barrie wrote for COLDFRONTSingular Vispo :: First Encounters – about his introduction into Visual Poetry, and the piece of work that changed the way he saw language (HN Werkman’s The Next Call) has just gone live. The forty responses will be rolled out in groups of five each over the coming weeks. Along with Barrie’s thoughts are Brian Reed on Mary Ellen Solt, Louis Bury on bpNichol, Aram Saroyan on Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Orchid Tierney on Alison Knowles & James Tenney…

And just to top it all off, long time Caseroom Press collaborator Ken Cockburn’s translation of Suche, by Christine Marendon is in The Guardian today. Ken’s translation received a commendation in the recently announced results of the 2015 Stephen Spender prize.

voyage boxed – sold and on show

July 20, 2015


Voyage boxed – the collaborative project of Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch, which Philippa – along with seventeen other artists – contributed to back in early 2014 is being exhibited as part of 35 works at Kaleid London 2015 which opened on 18 July. In addition, the work has been purchased by the Manchester Metropolitan University Library Collection.

barrie’s book is in a book…

October 31, 2014


Some time ago, back in 2011 in fact, we had an e-mail from Dr. Annette Gilbert. She said that she was organising a conference and writing about ‘Appropriated Literatures’ and she wondered if we could send a copy of The Ghost in the Fog for inclusion in the book.

Well. The book – Reprint Appropriation (&) Literature is now out in the bookshops, and Annette kindly sent us a copy – and a very fine thing it is indeed.

The Ghost in the Fog (cover)

The Ghost in the Fog (spreads)


The Ghost in the Fog is in very good company, the book has a huge amount of works covering many different forms of appropriation – as she saysSince the 1960s, writers have radically challenged the notion of originality and creativity in literature. They stopped writing new texts for their books and instead drew upon pre-existing books: canonical texts of world literature or intellectual history are transcribed by hand, edited, altered, alphabetically arranged or simply copied and republished under one’s own name. By now Appropriation Literature amounts to a critical mass that has generated its own tradition. The present anthology is the first to give an international overview of the phenomenon, presenting 126 books and projects by over 90 authors.

Included is Derek Beaulieu’s Flatland (which, as you may know, is one of Barrie’s favourite books).



And of course the great Tom Phillips’ A HUMUMENT

Tom Phillips


It also includes a work based on another book close to Barrie’s heart: In this Dark Wood by Elisabeth Tonnard. The book ‘is a modern gothic’, Tonnard paired ‘images of people walking alone in night-time city streets with 90 different English translations collected from the first lines of Dante’s Inferno’.


This Dark Wood


There are a host of other works in the book, and to choose one above another would be doing Annettes’s encyclopaedic research a disservice. So, delve in. The book is available on Amazon. Just one click away…

And no, we’re not on commission.


in short

June 2, 2014

Sorry it’s been a while since we last posted, but pressures of our day jobs has meant time has been rather limited; that’s not to say we haven’t been busy at the Caseroom. Here in short is what we’ve been up to:

jan cabinet use jan plan

Jantze Tullett had an exhibition of her work at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. She was exhibiting both her ink drawings and printmaking pieces. Alongside this she produced a series of concertina books containing work drawn from the various themes she has been exploring (available from Big Cartel). Jantze has collaborated with Philippa before, on the Inherited Sewing Box and The Washing Line Book.

Philippa has had two of her books (Delia taught me to cook and Objects of others) purchased by Sarah Bodman at UWE for their library collection. Details of her work are also featured in the May/June edition of ARLIS.
Delia new cover

There have been further reviews of Barrie’s wonderful book – namely the design observer and brain pickings – see links below.

two snippets of news

January 19, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 13.03.56

The Caseroom are happy to be part of an exhibition at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, entitled Fluxjob the exhibition opens on 7 February until 6 July 2014 in the Star Tribune Foundation Gallery.

Fluxjob is an exploration of contemporary artists who continue to create interdisciplinary anti-art that is ephemeral, inexpensive, and interactive. The exhibition is co-curated by MCBA Executive Director Jeff Rathermel and noted Fluxus artist, publisher and performer Keith Buchholz.

Our small contribution was organised by Sarah Bodman who submitted the Some Small Things zine and video which we contributed to in 2013. see link to video

r detail

We are also happy to report that Philippa’s single edition Embroidery without Tears has been purchased by Winchester School of Art for their Artists’ Book Collection.

the fairs: tall hats, silver shoes and the tea trolley

April 24, 2013

babe1 arno

We are happy to report that BABE lived up to all expectations at the weekend. We have waited many years to exhibit as part of this iconic book fair and it didn’t disappoint. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and finally put names to faces of contacts that we have made through email.

babe2 table

Visitors were genuinely interested in our work and sales were reasonably brisk! Thank you to everyone that came along for a chat or even bought a book, and to the organizers who made it such a success.

babe3 hat

babe4 shoes

babe5 trolley

Meanwhile at the Fruitmarket in Edinburgh, Barrie met up with Caseroom collaborators Ken Cockburn and Ali Bowden and also had a successful fair. His book, Onion Merzpoem No.8 was purchased by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for their Library Collection.



libraries of thought and imagination

November 23, 2012

We’re absolutely delighted that two more of our books have been bought for library collections.

A Poem to Philip Glass is available at the Tate and Snapdragon can be found at The Poetry Library, London.

modern two

June 29, 2012

When we were in Edinburgh taking part in the Fruitmarket Gallery‘s Artists’ Book fair, our work caught the eye of The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Library. We’re delighted that they’ve since chosen The Ghost in the Fog, A Poem to Philip Glass and The Case: Liminal to join their collection.