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poetry by design: a re-appraisal of visual poetics

July 15, 2019

Barrie has been invited to speak at the Poetry By Design symposium on visual and concrete poetry. Its aim is to stimulate conversations about visual poetics from the immediate pre-computer period while also considering the present moment and the futures of visual poetry.

This event coincides with the exhibition, ‘Poetry By Design’, which is open now until 23rd August in the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds. Curated by Professor Fiona Becket and Dr Emma Trott, the exhibition displays work by poets including Bob Cobbing, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Houédard and Kimberly Campanello.

Please get in touch with Emma Trott with any questions:

Poetry By Design: schedule

9:30: Registration and coffee (Sheppard Room)

9:55: Welcome (Fiona Becket) (Education Room)

10:00: Panel I: (Education Room). Barrie Tullett – The Typographic Dante, Iris Colomb – Spill: showing and discussing a project between poetry and design

10:45: Panel II: (Education Room), Bronac Ferran – Hansjörg Mayer’s futura, Fiona Becket – Bob Cobbing, a British Internationalist, Natalie Ferris – The Intelligent Hand: Ana Hatherly and Visualising the Creative Act

12:00: Panel III: (Education Room), Julie Morrissy – “Looking and Listening”: Movement, Space, and Performance in Contemporary Irish Poetry, Florence Impens – The poem and the Archive: Kimberly Campanello’s MOTHERBABYHOME

12:45: Exhibition ‘tour’ and Q&A (Fiona Becket) (Education Room)

2pm: Panel IV: (Education Room), Alice Tarbuck – ‘‘An old frog/ jumps in’: Chinese and Japanese poetry in the work of Thomas A. Clark and Cid Corman’, Emma Trott – Language and Landscape: Simon Armitage’s Stanza Stones

2:45pm: Panel V: (Education Room), Greg Thomas – Poem Machines: Liliane Lijn, John Goodby – Purity, pop-up and performance: Peter Meilleur / Childe Roland and Anglo-Welsh-Quebecois concrete poetry

4pm: Roundtable (Workshop Theatre)

4:30pm: Readings: (Workshop Theatre), Sascha Aurora Akhtar, Vahni Capildeo, Kimberly Campanello

5:30pm: Finish


face face forward

December 17, 2015


Barrie’s been busy dotting about around the country again – at the beginning of the month, a trip to Teeside to talk to Graphic Design students about typography, Typewriter Art and single sided books, and then a virtual appearance last Saturday at Face Forward Dublin. 

He was in good company, with an impressive list of luminaries including – amongst others – Timothy Donaldson (pictured), Brenda Dermody, Tobias Frere-Jones, Phil Baines and John Paul Dowling of ISTD fame.

If you want to see what you missed, you can look here:

This tweet from Gabriel Solomons, who gave a talk about Family Monograms,  shows some of the luminaries at work…


And another tweet from Marcus Leis Allion, who’s talk was on Typrograms – the shaped typography of computer programs – was at Timothy Donaldson’s ‘personal, poetic, performative, and political presentation of typography’.


and there was cake.

June 24, 2014


Last week, Barrie was invited to attend the ‘Researcher Essentials’ event at the Cope Auditorium; School of the Arts, Loughborough University.

The Keynote address was by Andrew Hewish (Centre for Recent Drawing [C4RD]), with a supporting cast of Liza Thompson (Bloomsbury Publishing), Jane Tormey (Radical Aesthetics, Radical Art [RaRa]), Emma Brennan (Manchester University Press), Phil Sawdon (TRACEY, Drawing and Visualisation Research), Joanne Lee (Pam Flett Press), Simon Downs (The Poster [intellect publications]), Edward Dorrian (Five Years Press), Mo White (Zines) and Rachel Marsden (independent curator).

It was a very interesting day – and thank you to Emma Osbourn for the invite – a fantastic insight into the opportunities for academic and artistic publishing, both mainstream and independent, as well as a refreshing discussion about the REF and how one might, or might not, engage with it as a practitioner who’s output for research is the form of the book.

And there was cake.

animated greetings

April 9, 2014



As blogged previously – Philippa’s participation in LENvention event last August resulted in a contribution to a short animation entitled Greetings ­– edited by Claire Baillie-Cloke the film was shown as part of the Print Produce Publish CBAA conference in Salt Lake City earlier this year. Also included was the ‘making of it’ film by Angie Butler (on page 2 of the Vimeo link below).

Happy days…