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June 21, 2016

wooden a's

It’s that time of year when we can begin to start making our way back into the Caseroom. After a bit of a re-jig to the space, we have now got a far more functional space in which to work.


Our colleague Brian – who likes a challenge – has been doggedly getting to grips with the laser cutter – the result of which has been to cut some new replacement letterforms that were lost (stolen) a year or so a go… he is currently testing different types of substrates – so far acrylic, mdf, pine, oak and ply – although he is still on a mission to track down the perfect wood with less grain. Thanks BV.


August 28, 2015


According to the dictionary, migration can be defined as ‘movement from one part of something to another’. Which means that we can say, with some accuracy, that The Caseroom Press website has migrated from one part of Adobe’s software portfolio to another.

Up until now, we’ve been using Barrie’s Poor.Old.Tired.Mac to run Adobe GoLive (CS2 – which dates back to 2005), in order to maintain and update the website. This was becoming more and more difficult to manage as the Poor.Old.Tired.Mac is a single processor G5 that runs Leopard and is also a Zombie Mac as it has several bits of other dead Macs inside it to keep it alive. Its internet connection is also increasingly erratic.

So, as of last week, we’ve been learning Adobe Muse (CC) and yesterday we uploaded a completely new version of the site. The front page is a little more interesting, and the navigation is (hopefully) a little easier, as will be the site updates. Although of course, as with any migration, eventually you do end up somewhere pretty much the same as always, so regular visitors will find that the book pages themselves haven’t changed much.

But. hopefully it’ll give us the opportunity to be a little more ambitious with the way we can present our books online.


back in business (almost)

November 21, 2013

on press

It’s taken a while (due to work commitments) but the Caseroom Press is gradually whirring back into life. As reported in September, we now have a new home, and this week we have managed to get the press up and running for the first time (even if Barrie did start by managing to ink the press up backwards).

fin poster
Barrie is producing a new series of posters, the first of which is inspired by the work of Level 1 graphic design student Chaz Malkin. The 1st year were each asked to produce a Manifesto for a Revolution, as part of Lincoln’s Frequency Festival, and her Nerd Manifesto’ has been the inspiration to get him working again. Although he stressed he’s not actually a nerd himself…

Philippa in the meantime has been screen-printing an edition of 50 artworks, and setting type for letterpress printed cards – for a deadline that is getting far too close for comfort!. The project – Voyage 2 – is the second exhibition initiated and curated by Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch –  the first included Philippa’s artists’ book 8 minutes across – this is a development of that work; more details when the project is closer to completion.

wood screenprints

It’s good to be back…

room with a view

September 10, 2013

look right

The Caseroom have finally moved; after a year of uncertainty we are now happily installed in our new space. It’s still a work in progress, but we are optimistic that we’ll be up and running and printing in the next couple of weeks or so.

oh dear

The move wasn’t without it’s problems – here Barrie despairs over the jumbled mass of wood type – every drawer has been shaken up, so we have many hours of work ahead to get everything back into alphabetical order.

metal type

We have though, with limited shelving, managed to organise our relatively small selection of metal type into a better system – all the script faces that we barely use are placed at the bottom and the more popular fonts at the top.

the farley

The table-top Farley proofing press thankfully appears to have survived its short journey across the city.

the view

We even have a window!


we’re moving

July 9, 2013

caseroom move sign

The Caseroom Press have been based at Thomas Parker House for the past seven years – previously the old Co-op department store, our print room occupies a small space in what was once Ladies Fashions; however all this is about to change, as our University Department prepares to move to a brand new building. From the end of August we will (hopefully) be re-housed in a small corner of the second floor, so for now we are packing up and preparing to move out…

caseroom moving1

the slowest train in the world

June 4, 2013


Philippa was recently asked by Tom Sowden from UWE in Bristol, and who is the art editor of the Artist’s Book Yearbook, to produce a piece of artwork for one of the 10 artist’s pages in the next edition of this biennial publication (edited by Sarah Bodman and published by Impact Press).


Naturally she said yes. However with a holiday already booked, this means there is approximately 16 days to complete and dispatch the work; therefore work began today on the 14.29 train from Rotherham to Lincoln… watch this space for more details.

teething trouble

February 26, 2013

farley name

Our beloved Farley proofing press is currently out of action; in recent months it has been misbehaving – becoming jammed solid, until only a lot of hand cranking and some gentle persuasion manages to force it back into life. It transpires the problem is some broken teeth. Considering its age – about 50 years we think – a little wear and tear is understandable, fingers crossed we can find someone to cast a replacement part.

farley bust

a symphony of typewriters

November 6, 2012

Today we joined artists Raisin & Willow for an impromptu typewriter party in the Drill Hall. They are visiting Lincoln as part of a four week residency in the county, you can read more about their project Something Wonderful at the link below.

Making up the party were the Imperial Good Companion, the Remington Rand, the Olivetti Lettera 22 and the Oliver Portable.

far-flung places

November 2, 2012

Two books by the Caseroom are off on their travels. Open House – Philippa’s collaboration with Angie Butler – has just been selected as part of the Booker’s Dozen 2013 exhibition – a juried show that will tour Idaho, USA in 2013.

And Delia taught me to Cook is on its way to Queensland, Australia following a local designer making contact via our website – Drew Davies produces interesting work involving letterpress, photocopies and screen-print.

Further work can be seen at:

the interactive book

October 2, 2012

As you may or may not know the Caseroom Press are rather fond of typewriters and typewriter inspired work, however we are not oblivious to the onward march of technology. some time ago Barrie wrote a short piece for the Eye magazine blog, it has in some small part inspired this wonderful piece of work by student Waldek Wegrzyn from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Poland), inspired by El Lissitzky’s manifesto published in 1923.