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when will you learn that there isn’t a word for everything?

December 7, 2018

Two of Brenda Dermody’s remixed Typographic Dante prints are on show in the Nunns Yard Gallery, Norwich, tonight, as part of the joint exhibition ‘When will you learn that there isn’t a word for everything?

The prints waiting to be parcelled up earlier this week.

The show is curated by Kristy Campbell and you’ll be able to see it take shape on Instagram.

For more of Brenda’s work, see the 100 Archive (


pan pan

June 19, 2018

Philippa is pleased to be working with Angie Butler of ABPress again, on a collaborative project – entitled While you were sleeping. The project is the brainchild of Sara Burgess, who is hoping to get 100 presses from around the world to participate. Here she highlights the idea:

‘I propose a project to highlight those events that rock our every day. That makes me afraid for the future my five-year-old faces. That makes me ashamed of my privilege. That makes me cry when he can’t hear me. That depletes me, on behalf of our defenseless planet. That makes me fear the new treatment that women will face. That makes me say what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck. Just how does someone get away with this?
I call on the letterpress community to join me in print. To return to the truth. To print in facts, images, and lead type. Because in our type, we can convey beauty and messages,
and call attention to ugliness in ways that nobody else can.’

The brief was to select a newspaper headline from the past year, then set it and print it 100 times. Once they had selected their headline and made some joint design decisions, Angie worked independently on the first colour. On receipt of the prints, Philippa responded to the design/composition by overprinting.

thinking, tinkering, tweaking

October 28, 2015


As always, a little bit of looking and a little bit of thinking goes a long way – so Barrie has reworked his constellation pieces with a little more finesse.


He also moved the idea on a little to create the Typewriter (all star) XI…

Typewriter XI

All this, plus Philippa and Barrie’s latest books will be on display at the Small Publishers Fair (Friday 6th/Saturday 7th November), where Barrie is also talking about his most ambitious, unpublished, collaboration: Utopian Tales.

the art of postering

October 22, 2015


Barrie has been busy doing, rather than not doing, and has managed to find the time to print a number of poster ideas he’s had in his head for a while.

The CONCRETE POETRY: constellation xi, letterpress printed in silver on black, or silver on white.


A traditional 4-4-2 formation of course.

They Really

A perfect gift for Mothers’ day.


The ‘typewritin’ poster is individually hand typed on an ADLER Universal. It’s part of a series of three posters; one for Wood Type, one for Metal and one for the typewriter.

Adventuree Ahead

Or adventure behind. Depending upon which way you’re going.

And a few revisited old favourites.




and a Manifesto for an Art School to finish off with. Which is Barrie’s third Manifesto – and counting.






encoded stored retrieved

July 10, 2015


Barrie has been invited to submit some work to TEXTfestschrift at the Bury Art Museum, Lancashire.

The exhibition will be themed around ‘the notion of constructing memory, using the material of language’.


Of the two pieces he’s working on, one deals with the translation of an experience into a ‘recording’ of the event that we keep in our heads and can no longer compare to the original – our memory relies on information being encoded, stored and retrieved, but that process in itself creates a version of the event that is altered in the manner by which it is processed. The on/off firing of our synapses, being as unlike the original experience itself, as a half-tone print is to the original photograph. Similarly, the memory itself can be altered during the ‘recalling and retelling’ of a story. It can be amended, degraded, embellished in all manner of ways, consciously and subconsciously until it becomes something quite different. In the same way that the elements of letterforms might be able to be deconstructed and reconstructed in various ways to create new words.

‘Our memories are constructed.’


The second piece is inspired by a quote from Allyson Strafella – ‘Memory changes the story of an experience’. Here the text is taken from an essay on memory and slowly altered until it becomes something quite new – a transition from the original story to a new re-telling of an experience which in turn will create a new memory.


making (a small contribution to) the difference

June 17, 2015

Land of the un-free...

The Caseroom Press have done their bit for the Magna Carta celebrations here in Lincoln.

Artist Ruth Ewan has been developing a series of workshops with young people from The Meadows Primary School, which resulted in a series of slogans, text works and drawn maps.

Once the texts had been selected, Ruth sent the texts, layouts and colour palette, ready for us to match and typeset with our Letterpress type.

The texts are currently on show at the Project Space Plus, here at the University.

We’d like to thank Fenner Paper for their support with the project.



November 27, 2013

Nerd Manifesto

Chaz Malkin’s Nerd Manifesto got Barrie started, and once he did, there was no stopping him. We now have three posters added to the collection.

Les Mots Sont Les Mots

Song for an Art School

As always, the photography could be better…