Lincoln Société de Design Typographique

welcome to the class of 2015…

The LSDT (some of them anyway).

Six typographers were offered membership to the LSDT this year. Four students: Emily Butlin, Will Timney, Connor Robertson (merit) and Katherine West (merit), as well as two new Fellows: John Dowling and Matt Smith.

Celebrating their achievement at the show fifteen Private View were Leanne Kitchen, Philippa Wood, Ric Gravina, Dan Collier and Barrie Tullett.

they wore their badges with pride!

It was lovely to see so many LSDT members gathered together in one place, for the final, final show ever at TPH.

girls prints

Lucy and Natasha with their periodic table print

We would like to formally welcome new members, Leanne Kitchen (merit) Natasha Nuttall and Lucy Perkins to our select Société; the girls received their certificates and (rather excellent) goody bags last Friday at the private view of Show Thirteen. Thank you to Matt, Jo, Sophie and Fliss who contributed so generously to the bags.

wanker bat

Lucy with hand painted bat courtesy of Sophie Adams!

We also gave all members their own typographic element print from a periodic table series.

lsdt prints

In addition it seemed only fitting that this year we should honour one of our members with a special TPH award – the lucky (and rather surprised) recipient was Dan Collier for his wonderful Typographic Links book.

dan's tph award

Well done and thank you to everyone who turned up to make it a memorable evening.




It’s not often that our members receive anything free from us, in fact this is a first, but we are pleased to announce that colour coded members badges have been despatched today – we are anticipating that at least seven current members will be in attendance at the private view of Show Thirteen on Friday 31 May, when new members will be welcomed into the Société. Wear with pride LSDT-ers. (By the way, the above photo is not out of focus – that’s our new logo).


Barrie Tullett (flsdt)

Philippa Wood (flsdt)

Dan Collier (flsdt)

Jo Mansfield (flsdt) – honorary

Belinda Magee (flsdt) – honorary

Tracy Tomlinson (flsdt) – honorary

John Dowling (flsdt) – honorary

Matt Smith(flsdt) – honorary

Simon Mortimer (mlsdt) – merit

Leanne Kitchen (mlsdt) – merit

Katherine West (mlsdt) – merit

Connor Robertson (mlsdt) – merit

Matt Mear (mlsdt)

Fliss Gibbeson (mlsdt)

Gemma Hildred (mlsdt)

Kelly Hiller (mlsdt)

Ric Gravina (mlsdt)

Sophie Adams (mlsdt)

Danielle Smith (mlsdt)

Dan Ridgway (mlsdt)

Natasha Nuttall (mlsdt)

Lucy Perkins (mlsdt)

Will Timney (mlsdt)

Emily Butlin (mlsdt)

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    […] Emma and I were awarded ‘Outstanding contribution to the course’ and the LSDT (Lincoln Société de Design Typographique) kindly welcomed 3 more members – Leanne, Lucy […]

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