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animated greetings

April 9, 2014



As blogged previously – Philippa’s participation in LENvention event last August resulted in a contribution to a short animation entitled Greetings ­– edited by Claire Baillie-Cloke the film was shown as part of the Print Produce Publish CBAA conference in Salt Lake City earlier this year. Also included was the ‘making of it’ film by Angie Butler (on page 2 of the Vimeo link below).

Happy days…



one at a time please, there’s plenty of room…

January 25, 2014


Barrie’s on-going (and never-ending) project exploring a series of typographic responses to Dante’s Divine Comedy is currently on show at the ProjectSpacePlus gallery in the new Building at the Lincoln School of Art.

As you can see, there’s plenty of room to see the work in all its glory.


And enjoy the gallery space itself, which to be fair is quite dramatic.

And mostly empty.

We did set up some motion capture cameras – and managed to actually get proof of someone in the space looking at the work. True. No Photoshop. They really were there.


So. The show is on until the 7th of February. We’re a short walk from Lincoln Central train station. There’s even a cafe or two to choose from.

What more could you ask for?



stampin’. makin’. printin’.

March 22, 2013

stamping 8

8 wrapped

It has been a week of ‘doing stuff’ as we start to get ready for two upcoming books fairs (more details later). Unusually for us, we seem reasonably organised, as these are the sort of jobs we normally do just a few days before… oh, Barrie has just announced that he has an idea for a new book… he has 21 days and counting.